HeliosEnviroment vol.12

$39.99 $19.00
HeliosEnviroment vol.12 is a high end, photorealistic pack of 3D Winter Landscapes, that are created to help you add the realism to your project. Highly detailed mode. The models was originally created in 3Ds Max 2017, then rendered using Corona Renderer.


This models is accurately sized to match the real object. Clean and optimized topology is used for maximum polygon efficiency. No extra plugins are needed for this model.


Model is available in 4 file formats.

  • 3ds Max 2017 Corona 8
  • 3ds Max 2017 Vray 5
  • FBX
  • obj

8K Textures included:

  1. Diffuse
  2. Roughness
  3. Normal
  4. Heighmap
  5. Splatmap
  6. 2 Snow Layers

Units in all formats: #cm

Additional Notes:

  • Obj and FBX formats were exported with standard shader - you can use it in 3d Software such Blender etc.
  • All textures path was striped.Located in maps.rar. Just unzip them in one folder with .max file.
  • If you got any questions or problems,please contact us.